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There are a lot of places you can sign up and meet people, that’s
always a lot of fun, meeting new people, sharing ideas, and making
friends. But it’s tempting to send them your links and try to recruit
them into your programs to make money too. And that’s not always the
best way to go about social networking.

What you really want to do if you’re into making money with referral
programs is to invite friends you already know and meet with them
in all your favorite sites. Then introduce them to other friends
and help them to build their list of contacts too.

You can do all this on MySpace, Bizzy Blogz, and BizPreneur, as well
as Bebo, and many more.

You can use the browse and search options to find out who is married,
who is straight or gay, who is interested in the same things you are
and who lives close to you. Add them as friends and get to know them
through chatting and adding your graphics and bulletins to their pages.

I’ve found a lot of fun people on a site I just found in my Firefox
browser add ons. It’s called StumbleUpon and it’s a lot of fun. You can click on the stumble button and be taken to new sites that match your
interest. Set up a profile with all the things you like to do and people
will give you a thumbs up and rate your stumble profile, and you can really
make a lot of friends just by visiting new pages and rating them and
adding them as friends. This one is way different from the others.
I think you’ll agree.

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