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Monotizing Your Social Networks

Most social networking sites will remove your posts if you send links to business opportunities and that’s fair, considering that most of them are about meeting people and making friends more than promoting affiliate programs and mlm opportunities. But you can still earn a considerable amount of visitors to your sites if you just follow the rules and promote yourself as someone who is interested in business. People’s curiosity is a very interesting thing. People tend to ask questions about you if you don’t put it all out there for them. So use the element of mystery to make people curious about what it is you’re doing that’s making you money. There’s no rule against that.

You can usually have at least one link on your page to your website, and then if you wnat to keep your account you need to watch out and resist the temptation to send your links to members. Just one report of spam and you’re gone.

But if you make your page interesting enough and you approach people in a friendly manner and ask them questions about what they like or make good comments and rate their pages, they’ll be more likely to return the favor and ask you questions about your page, AND your business opportunity.

If your opportunity is about health and wellness, just write blogs on this subject. Don’t try to sell anything, just give good information about the things your products help people to achieve. Tell what made you want to work in this particular field, and what makes you feel good about it.

Whatever you do, don’t come off as desperate to sell products or make money. That’s a major turn off for most people. But if you give clear and valuable information about what people are looking for in a business opportunity and don’t give the name of the opportunity or the products they sell, you’ll find that people will be more likely to ask you what it is. THEN you have the opportunity to ask them to send you a private message, where you can take aim and fire. But even then, don’t keep sending them more links to your product or signup pages. Just let them make the decision. You don’t want to be pushy. Just be a friend and offer your assistance if they need it.

It doesn’t matter which social network you’re using this works.
If you don’t sell you’ll get sales. It happens almost every time. People want to believe that they made a decision to do something without being prodded. Let it be
THEIR decision and that’s all you need to do. BACK OFF.

April 18, 2007 - Posted by | social networks sales and advertising policies


  1. I see. I,m glad that you told me a good secret. Not to “sell” But tell a story or article and not to prod people to buy. That,s a good idea! I,ve been thinking to sell. Well, not any more! I,ll justr write articles and other info and plant the product I,ll “sell” at the end of the article, story, or whatever the case may be.The main point of this product is that it would be related to the story. That should then sell if there was no prodding involved.

    Comment by jmintuck | May 9, 2007 | Reply

  2. Nice article. I especially enjoyed it because I caught the social networking bug myself. I love meeting new people and introducing them to free products and services.
    Will definitely check out some of communities! I’m already a member in some of them.
    Look me up if you get a chance trouble4u2avoid

    Comment by Susan Parr | May 23, 2007 | Reply

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