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—— Just Launched – The Ultimate Newbie’s Dream Team?

No matter how experienced a computer or Internet user you may be,
there comes a time when you need technical help. Maybe your
Computer ‘breaks’, or one of your programs starts acting up. Or
what about the times you’ve struggled like crazy to learn how to
use a new piece of software?

Who did you turn to for help?

Well now there’s FREE help available from the most innovative and
friendliest Website on the Net – The Newbie Club. Or should I say
the NEW Newbie Club, because they’ve just launched their new site
and I can tell you it’s nothing short of …


It’s bigger and better than before, and that’s saying something.
The extra resources, tutorials, free eBooks and courses they have
produced are up to the terrific high standards which has made
them one of the most respected and widely publicized Newbie Sites
on the Net.

There’s Beginners articles and Tutorials on just about every
Computer and Internet related topic you can think of – and it’s

You have to be a Member to gain access, but guess what – It’s
FREE! And the low cost Technical Support is a monster breakthrough
for Newbies and experienced people alike.

To use it you visit The Newbie Club Clinic, and ask – by email –
for the solution to your problem. And within 3-4 hours you’ll
receive an answer. How do they do it?

They’ve teamed up with a highly respected Technical Support
Company with over 90 FULL TIME, highly trained technicians who
have already helped over ONE MILLION people worldwide. How The
Newbie Club have managed to offer this for 8 cents a day is astonishing, when you consider that other large Internet companies charge between $9.95 and more per incident! And the occasional free service you come across is usually manned by part time freelancers, many of whom are enthusiastic ‘helpers’.

The NEW Newbie Club must now be the ultimate dream for Newbies
and not-so-Newbies alike. Just by becoming a Member you can now
gain access to the best and most laid-back learning Site around.
And when trouble eventually strikes – as it always will – the
highly trained Clinic Team are on hand 24/7 to offer the perfect

What a devastating combination!

I’ve even heard that they’re considering an even better service,
where your computer is fixed for you by remote control! That’s
astonishing, but then again, I’m not surprised. Those Newbie Club
guys, Joe Robson and Tom Glander, are definitely the leaders when
it comes to looking after Newbies.

And when you see the brand new products and services they’ve just
launched you’ll soon see why they’re causing a such a massive
stir around the Net!

My advice is for you to get over there now and become a Member.
You’ll be given instant access to this amazing site, and – like
me – you’ll wonder how on earth they can do it without charging!

Who cares – as long as WE can benefit!

Click over now and prepare yourself for an extraordinary treat!

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