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Tag! You’re It!

When we talk about tagging, we’re not actually tagging people, and it’s not a game. It’s a way for you to put a tag or keyword that describes your bookmarks and gives them more of something to grab onto when others are searching for those key words.

So in a sense, we can say that tagging your bookmarks will help people to find your blogs, sites, bookmarks or discussions faster and easier, and at the same time they help you to get higher search engine rankings.

If you’ll notice at the bottom of my blogs, there are tag words. These words describe what the blog is about, but they also help others find this blog faster when they’re searching for social bookmarks or social networking blogs.

If you go to sites like, you can read all about tagging and how many tags are enough, or too much. Most people try for at least five, but no more than ten or fifteen. And just like keywords, you don’t want to have the same ones listed too many times or you might be accused of “tag spamming”.

Just try to have as many as you can think of that are relevant to what your doing, and don’t try to outdo anyone. If you also combine tagging and bookmarking with visiting other people’s bookmarks, and then adding them to your own relevant bookmarks, you’ll be helping each other as they will most likely do the same for you.

May 17, 2007 - Posted by | bookmarks, friends, fun things to do, social bookmarking, tagging, tags

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