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Making Friends and Really Getting to Know Them

I just got on Apsense and met this guy who I liked right off the bat, but
judging from his appearance I made a really bad mistake. This guy looks
like the guy next door and believe me, where I’m from the guy next door
was a tobacco farmer and a good ole boy and the image just didn’t fit into
what I thought of as an internet marketing expert. This goes to show how
much a person can err in judgement when they “judge a book by it’s cover”.

I was really impressed with the way he writes and I’ll admit that I had automatically judged this man by the way he looked and by his surroundings
in his picture. What a stupid mistake. I feel bad now. But you know what?
I have a feeling that we’re going to be the best of friends now.

If you don’t do ANYTHING else today get over there and take a look at this
ezine. I was amazed at all the things he’s managed to put down on “paper”
here and it looks like this has a been a really long time in syndication.
The information is real and down to earth and once you read a little you
just can’t stop. I wanted to spend the entire night there but I also wanted
to get back here and give him a nice writeup. I’m typing this really fast
because I want to go back and read some more. It’s THAT good.

I am going to have to confess and ask God to forgive me for thinking this guy
was a ‘hick’. LOL What am I saying? I’m a hick too so we should get along
pretty good, huh?


May 23, 2007 - Posted by | internet marketing expert

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