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Track and Cloak Your Links to Prevent Commission Theft

If you’re promoting any affiliate program you stand to lose commissions when people break off your affiliate id and add their own, or they just forget to go to the site when they have your link in their browser and when they remember it again they just go to the root url and sign up. So you need a way to cloak your links and keep this from happening. Now Colin Klinkert and Frank Bauer of have come up with an awesome tool that makes this easy and also gives you a viral way to advertise, and a way to track your advertising as well.

If you’ve been using tinyurls or other forms of link cloakers, you’ll really like this. It’s not only a link cloaker, it’s an income generator and a list builder all in one system that does everything you need to protect your precious investments. Just take a look at all it does.

I created a link to my friendswin network by simply adding my keyword, which is social to the viral url with my username, heartuvgold. Try going there and see what happens. It will stay on that url no matter what and no matter where you go on the site. And when you click to visit my url, I can go to my profile and see how many times it’s been visited and where the hits are coming from. And it helps me to build my list as well. I can run it in traffic exchanges and it will show a toolbar at the top or bottom of the page. My choice.

For a limited time they’re paying $1 for every new member you refer! Click the banner below and create your FREE ACCOUNT NOW!

Fast Action Bonus #1 System Get your hands on the System for free. This is a $239.64 annual value and worth the price of this package alone.You will get this Link Cloaker, List Builder & Profit Generator System that I use myself.

It will protect your commissions… build your list… instantly create profit for you!

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