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Tag! You’re It!

When we talk about tagging, we’re not actually tagging people, and it’s not a game. It’s a way for you to put a tag or keyword that describes your bookmarks and gives them more of something to grab onto when others are searching for those key words.

So in a sense, we can say that tagging your bookmarks will help people to find your blogs, sites, bookmarks or discussions faster and easier, and at the same time they help you to get higher search engine rankings.

If you’ll notice at the bottom of my blogs, there are tag words. These words describe what the blog is about, but they also help others find this blog faster when they’re searching for social bookmarks or social networking blogs.

If you go to sites like, you can read all about tagging and how many tags are enough, or too much. Most people try for at least five, but no more than ten or fifteen. And just like keywords, you don’t want to have the same ones listed too many times or you might be accused of “tag spamming”.

Just try to have as many as you can think of that are relevant to what your doing, and don’t try to outdo anyone. If you also combine tagging and bookmarking with visiting other people’s bookmarks, and then adding them to your own relevant bookmarks, you’ll be helping each other as they will most likely do the same for you.

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Social Bookmarking and Network Tools

Just like any other job you do, you need to have the right tools
for social bookmarking and networking.
(1) You need a good tabbed browser
so you can keep all your social networking sites in one place.
I prefer to use Firefox because it helps me to keep everything
in my bookmarks toolbar where I can see at a glance where all
my social bookmarks are. It also helps to keep my logins safe
and loads them for me so I don’t have to remember them or look
them up in my files.

Make sure you read the setup tips when you download Firefox so
you can see how easy it is to use. Whatever you save in your
bookmarks can be given a special folder and you can open one
site at a time or you can open them all at once and just click
from tab to tab to “do your thing”.

The next tool I use is the Google Toolbar.
It works really well right along with Firefox to do your google searches, plus
it comes with other tools that will help you to add your bookmarks and enables
you to see your most recent searches so you don’t have to go into your history
to find them. It also helps you to login to your Gmail account and has a lot
of neat buttons you can add, and the best thing of all is it’s absolutely

I’ve found a lot of new social networking/bookmarking sites through using this
toolbar in Firefox and it works in other browsers just as well.

Another thing you need if you want to share your bookmarks with thousands of
people all over the world, is a account. This is just one of the
many bookmarking sites there are, and I really like being able to add my bookmarks
as I go and then check in a few days and find out how many people are hooked
up with me through their bookmarks. It helps you to get your sites indexed
faster too. You’ll also find a button for in the Google Toolbar.

Most of these things are already incorporated into Firefox, so if you just
get the Firefox browser and click on tools/addons you’ll find them already
there to add to your browser.

I found one really neat one that I’m also using to get my programs published
and that’s the StumbleUpon button. They send you to pages according to your
interests and you can click a thumbs up or down to vote on the ones you like
or dislike and they’ll adjust it accordingly.

I’ll add more sites as I go along, but for now this should be enough to get
you started. The main thing is to make friends and have fun, and everything
else will come along. You’ll be surprised at how many people are already
using these sites. And you’ll be able to add new and exciting sites to your
internet profiles.

Rebecca Beasley

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Let’s Play Tag

Do you remember the game of tag? It was a lot of fun
from what I still remember. This is a slight bit different though.
I’m going to start a blog about tagging, social bookmarking and
blogging with social bookmarks from places like
and others where your bookmarked pages are saved and you add tags
to them and other people who have the same bookmarks are able to
find you with them.

I’ll also be posting links from all the social networking sites I’m
involved with so you can go take a look and discover new and exciting
ways to market online. This is going to be an ongoing thing, so stay
tuned while I build my network. You’re welcome to join me. Just click
on the button to subscribe and we’ll be on our way.

See you soon:)

Rebecca Beasley

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