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Newbiz Nuze for Wednesday November 7th 2007

Fortune 5 Minutes
Fortune5Minutes is a multi-matrix style opportunity, that has been launched by a 10 year old company run by Rick Matthews. This program is 100% legal and has been successfully paying daily and on time since it started in February 2007, so has stood the test of time.

F5M is a feeder program that you can use to build your business. It creates weekly income so that your members can afford to upgrade into your existing program.

I know with programs that I have been in, the biggest problem was getting members to upgrade or even join because of cost. This little feeder program has a ONE TIME $25.00 out-of-pocket expense – for life!

The great thing is, it never ends, it keeps on paying for life.

1. Backed by 10 year track record of Paying DAILY! WORLDWIDE!
2. Over 10 TIMES your money back on 1st cycle!
Over 100% Payout!!!
3. PAYS DAILY!!! No waiting a month for next payday!
4. ONE TIME out-of-pocket expense – for life!
5. FREE $20.00 Entry into The $20 Miracle!
FREE $99.00 Entry into WealthTEAM International Association!
FREE $300.00 Entry into GLAD Club!
FREE $80.00 International CASH Card!

F5M Marketing Group offer free training on “How to Market on the Internet” every Tuesday and Thursday at 3:00pm and 9:00pm EST followed by our short presentation. I would like to invite you to our 24/7 conference room where you can chat to other members & ask as many questions as you want – login 5984 &your name, that way they know I sent you!

We build as a team and no one is left behind.

On Tuesday & Thursday Opportunity & Training calls you can speak to F5M Owner Rick Matthews

Please let me know when you are going into the room so that I can welcome you

Rebecca Beasley
F5M Marketing Group
Skype: primohost


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Track and Cloak Your Links to Prevent Commission Theft

If you’re promoting any affiliate program you stand to lose commissions when people break off your affiliate id and add their own, or they just forget to go to the site when they have your link in their browser and when they remember it again they just go to the root url and sign up. So you need a way to cloak your links and keep this from happening. Now Colin Klinkert and Frank Bauer of have come up with an awesome tool that makes this easy and also gives you a viral way to advertise, and a way to track your advertising as well.

If you’ve been using tinyurls or other forms of link cloakers, you’ll really like this. It’s not only a link cloaker, it’s an income generator and a list builder all in one system that does everything you need to protect your precious investments. Just take a look at all it does.

I created a link to my friendswin network by simply adding my keyword, which is social to the viral url with my username, heartuvgold. Try going there and see what happens. It will stay on that url no matter what and no matter where you go on the site. And when you click to visit my url, I can go to my profile and see how many times it’s been visited and where the hits are coming from. And it helps me to build my list as well. I can run it in traffic exchanges and it will show a toolbar at the top or bottom of the page. My choice.

For a limited time they’re paying $1 for every new member you refer! Click the banner below and create your FREE ACCOUNT NOW!

Fast Action Bonus #1 System Get your hands on the System for free. This is a $239.64 annual value and worth the price of this package alone.You will get this Link Cloaker, List Builder & Profit Generator System that I use myself.

It will protect your commissions… build your list… instantly create profit for you!

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For Copywriters Only: A Guaranteed Way To Eliminate Writer’s Block Forever Starting With Your Next Sales Letter

For Copywriters Only: A Guaranteed Way To Eliminate Writer’s Block Forever Starting With Your Next Sales Letter
Published on 28-10-2007
By Dan Lok

About the Author A former college dropout, Dan “The Man” Lok transformed himself from a grocery bagger in a local supermarket to an internet multi-millionaire. Discover how you can maximize your website profits in minimum time. For a limited time, you can test-drive Dan
Website URL

Maybe you’re one of the few who never suffer from writer’s block. But since you’re reading this then I’m guessing you’re not one of the few.

It’s ok. As you gain more experience you’ll naturally figure out what works best for you. What follows is a technique to get you writing that never fails to work, and it doesn’t really matter where you begin your next killer sales letter.

Most new copywriters suffer from something similar to perfectionism. You want everything you write to be award-winning. To sound great as soon as you type it.

That’s a sure-fire way to start off like you’re knee-deep in mud.

Remember one thing…

Every great, critically acclaimed writing went through a process of revision and editing before it walked out onto the world’s stage. Every single piece of writing, no matter who wrote it!

So throw your perfectionist expectations out the window right now, and then do the following…

Start with absolutely any part of your sales letter. It does not matter and here’s why.

Once you just start writing and build on it, the rest just follows. Unshackle your brain from having to come up with a killer headline before you start. The key is to relax. Relax, do NOT worry about anything…and just write.

Now here are some starting places for you to think about.

Some writers just like having them on paper as a kind of anchor. An emotional starting point. Fine. Do what feels best for you.

But if you’re struggling with the headline, then just write a rough one. I’ve done that many times and you know what? As I’m writing the rest of the letter the headline unfolds in my mind. I’ll go back and change it, tweak it. I’ll keep doing that until I’m happy with it.

Also keep this important point in mind.

Your headline, and subheads, contain your biggest and strongest ideas about your product. They also should, in some fashion, contain the greatest benefit for your potential customers.

If you have NO clue about your headline, then you need to go back and do some homework.

Start by making a list of product benefits, exactly what’s being offered, what it will do for your prospects, etc. and drill down to the gold. Once you’ve done that, your headline’s in there. Dig it out!

Your Potential Customer:
Start with that person. Your prospect. Start talking about your prospect…what’s important to her. You know she doesn’t give a hoot about you, your business, or your great ideas about life.

What matters to your potential customers?

Their hopes, dreams, aspirations, needs, wants, desires, fears, problems…on and on. That’s what you need to talk about.

Then you’ll blend all that with your solutions.

Just start writing. It does not matter if they’re just a bunch of notes. The key thing to remember is that by doing this you’re greasing your own skids, oiling your writing brain, calling your writing muse, and she will come and talk to you.

It never fails!

Main Emotion:
This is something you better have figured out. I’m talking about your prospect’s core emotion…strongest feeling…about your product and what it will do for her. You will take this and use it for all it’s worth in your copy. Yes there are other lesser emotions you’ll need to know and use.

But the main emotion is your big gun in your copy. You’ll use it to capture attention, build momentum and keep her reading.

Main Theme, or Your Big Idea:
Some writers never leave home without one. They don’t start writing until they know what it is. Others use a process of discovery as they write. Then go back and incorporate it into what they’ve already written. It doesn’t matter when it happens, when it’s just you and your monitor.

There you are!

You have two important things to do.

The very first thing you need to do is relax and get out of the perfectionist trap. It’ll bring you nothing but heartache and a blank monitor screen.

Next…just START writing something. Pick a place and begin, the rest will follow. In time you’ll discover what works best for you and writer’s block will be a faded memory.

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Friendswin the Social Networking Site that Pays You Back

You’re Invite to Join Rebecca’s Friendswin Community

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Who Am I?

Since 1991 I have been in just about every new business opportunity that came along. I won’t name them all here because I don’t believe in putting other people’s opportunities down, but I will tell you if you ask me which of them weren’t worth the trouble.

My goal from the time I was a child was to either be a nurse, a missionary or a doctor. I thought I had missed the chance because of poor circumstances, but I was wrong. God still has his hand on me. He has always been there and was prodding me along to do what he wanted me to do but I was the stubborn one.

I finally gave up my own ambition, my own drive for success, and my own self serving attitude and put everything in his hands. And when I gave up, He took over.

In my life, despite the hardships and problems, I have been blessed beyond belief. I never even realized this before but I’ve met and shaken the hands of many millionaires, and I’ve sat down and had meals with Kings and Queens.

They were just wearing disquises..dressed like paupers and having their hand out asking me for help, which I provided to them by the Grace of a good God to the best of my ability.

Now my blessings are coming to me… I’ve been led into the world of my dreams.

I have discovered my mission and it is to be a servant to those who have nothing, and to bring those who have everything a vision of how giving can bring even more riches.

Please give me the opportunity to bless you as I’ve been blessed.

Thank you,

Rebecca Beasley

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Linking to Mylot Discussions of Interest

If you’re not already a member of mylot, you really need to take a few minutes and signup. You get paid to participate in discussions about the things that interest you.

All you need to do is reach a minimum of $10 on your account to get paid. And you can get there fast by posting images, responding to discussions and referring friends.

It’s a lot of fun and sometimes the discussions are really lively!

Click here to check it out.

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New Video: How to Download Any Ebook FREE!

Now there’s a free tool that enables you to download ANY EBOOK FREE!
Watch this video to find out how!

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Making Friends and Really Getting to Know Them

I just got on Apsense and met this guy who I liked right off the bat, but
judging from his appearance I made a really bad mistake. This guy looks
like the guy next door and believe me, where I’m from the guy next door
was a tobacco farmer and a good ole boy and the image just didn’t fit into
what I thought of as an internet marketing expert. This goes to show how
much a person can err in judgement when they “judge a book by it’s cover”.

I was really impressed with the way he writes and I’ll admit that I had automatically judged this man by the way he looked and by his surroundings
in his picture. What a stupid mistake. I feel bad now. But you know what?
I have a feeling that we’re going to be the best of friends now.

If you don’t do ANYTHING else today get over there and take a look at this
ezine. I was amazed at all the things he’s managed to put down on “paper”
here and it looks like this has a been a really long time in syndication.
The information is real and down to earth and once you read a little you
just can’t stop. I wanted to spend the entire night there but I also wanted
to get back here and give him a nice writeup. I’m typing this really fast
because I want to go back and read some more. It’s THAT good.

I am going to have to confess and ask God to forgive me for thinking this guy
was a ‘hick’. LOL What am I saying? I’m a hick too so we should get along
pretty good, huh?


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Apsense Business Social Networking

This is the easiest social network to build I’ve found so far.
It’s brand new and I think it’s going to be one of the best.
Take a look.
This is by invitation only, so anyone who comes to this site is
automatically invited. Look me up when you get there.
I look forward to meeting and networking with you.


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Tag! You’re It!

When we talk about tagging, we’re not actually tagging people, and it’s not a game. It’s a way for you to put a tag or keyword that describes your bookmarks and gives them more of something to grab onto when others are searching for those key words.

So in a sense, we can say that tagging your bookmarks will help people to find your blogs, sites, bookmarks or discussions faster and easier, and at the same time they help you to get higher search engine rankings.

If you’ll notice at the bottom of my blogs, there are tag words. These words describe what the blog is about, but they also help others find this blog faster when they’re searching for social bookmarks or social networking blogs.

If you go to sites like, you can read all about tagging and how many tags are enough, or too much. Most people try for at least five, but no more than ten or fifteen. And just like keywords, you don’t want to have the same ones listed too many times or you might be accused of “tag spamming”.

Just try to have as many as you can think of that are relevant to what your doing, and don’t try to outdo anyone. If you also combine tagging and bookmarking with visiting other people’s bookmarks, and then adding them to your own relevant bookmarks, you’ll be helping each other as they will most likely do the same for you.

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