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Here’s how it’s supposed to work…

This is how MLM is supposed to work. You buy a product, it can be laundry detergent, vitamins, magazines, or whatever. You can even get a mall with 1000 stores so everything that people buy in your mall pays you a percentage of what they buy. It really sounds like it would be an amazing way to make money right? Next you have to build a downline of people just like you who are looking to make money online. You only need a few…or at least that’s what they tell you. You refer three and they each refer three and that gives you the 12 people you need to become a director, or a marketing manager or whatever the heck they’re calling it with your particular opportunity.

So you get on the phone, and you read off the script they gave you, following it to the letter. And you just bought about a million leads, people who opted into some magazine to get information about business opportunities so you’re sure that for every 100 calls you make you’ll refer at least two people..because they told you that. Anyway, you’re out $100 a month for the opportunity or you bought $100 worth of products and the stuff tastes terrible, but you force it down anyway, because it’s supposed to make you look ten years younger and you’re starting to feel a little better every day. Plus you’ve bought all those leads, and cd’s and marketing tools, so you’ve spent around $500 already and you’ve got to make that money back before you ever get into profit. And you get on the phone and muddle through the script and the first 10 people you call want to ask too many questions. So you three way them to your sponsor but guess what? He’s out playing golf with his buddies and isn’t available to help you. And now you look like a fool to your potential client. So you apologize and ask them if they would mind setting up another appointment to speak with them and they promptly hang up the phone.

Ok don’t let this discourage you. Every no means a potential yes…because they told you that. So you make another call. And never forget that you’re not selling anything. Oh no, you’re only inviting them to listen to a brief overview. Your product sells itself. And after you get ten no’s you’re bound to get a yes, so you keep on calling. Now it’s 5 oclock and people are coming home from work and getting dinner ready. So far today you’ve alienated every family member and made them take you out of their will. You’ve called complete strangers and tried not to say too much and given them openings to ask questions and you’ve found out that your sponsor is too busy spending the money that he’s made off your purchases to help you.

Oh but you’re still supposed to keep trying. You’re on your way to financial freedom. And it’s only been one day. So you call up your sponsor again and you tell them all about what happened and ask them why it’s so easy for them and you’re having so much trouble. That’s when they tell you that you’re just not serious enough or that you’re not doing it right, which discourages you even more.

Now you’re really starting to feel like a sucker. You’re kicking yourself for falling for this get rich bull. You swear that if you make your money back this time you’ll never do this again. And then it hits you…

You’ve got $500 invested in this business, and it’s all yours. You can cut your losses and just give up, or you can do what you should have done in the first place. Instead of working so hard to build a downline, all you needed to do was to take the supplements, use the products and let them do their magic on you. Wait for people to ask you what’s making you so energetic. What’s changing the way you feel? What is it that you’re taking that’s gotten you out of the house and made you want to dress up and meet people again? Hey weren’t you the one who stayed in bed all day and didn’t feel like doing your housework?’re wearing makeup now and everything. You really do look great. Whatever it is you’re doing, I want some too.

Take your brochures and your samples with you everywhere you go. Get out and talk to people. Let them see you and see the difference it’s making in your life. Sure it takes a while to get people into your business, but when they see that it’s made a big difference in the person you are now, they’ll take notice. That’s when your marketing will become effortless and you’ll start to see it making you more money.

Combine your newfound health with a trip to the gym every now and then, get your hair and nails done and buy some new clothes. Have your picture made. Work on you, and don’t try to work so hard at building the business. Go to seminars and invite your friends to go with you. Have parties and invite people over to watch your dvds.

Just do something different. You don’t have to spend all day on the phone. You can build your business in a lot of different ways. Use your imagination. Don’t let your sponsor tell you how to build your business. It’s your business. Build it however it feels right to you.

Here’s one that I think will prove to be the best business for anyone who wants to improve their health and lifestyle. Please take time to read over everything before you make a decision. Then get back to me and let me know what you think.

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