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Newbiz Nuze for Wednesday November 7th 2007

Fortune 5 Minutes
Fortune5Minutes is a multi-matrix style opportunity, that has been launched by a 10 year old company run by Rick Matthews. This program is 100% legal and has been successfully paying daily and on time since it started in February 2007, so has stood the test of time.

F5M is a feeder program that you can use to build your business. It creates weekly income so that your members can afford to upgrade into your existing program.

I know with programs that I have been in, the biggest problem was getting members to upgrade or even join because of cost. This little feeder program has a ONE TIME $25.00 out-of-pocket expense – for life!

The great thing is, it never ends, it keeps on paying for life.

1. Backed by 10 year track record of Paying DAILY! WORLDWIDE!
2. Over 10 TIMES your money back on 1st cycle!
Over 100% Payout!!!
3. PAYS DAILY!!! No waiting a month for next payday!
4. ONE TIME out-of-pocket expense – for life!
5. FREE $20.00 Entry into The $20 Miracle!
FREE $99.00 Entry into WealthTEAM International Association!
FREE $300.00 Entry into GLAD Club!
FREE $80.00 International CASH Card!

F5M Marketing Group offer free training on “How to Market on the Internet” every Tuesday and Thursday at 3:00pm and 9:00pm EST followed by our short presentation. I would like to invite you to our 24/7 conference room where you can chat to other members & ask as many questions as you want – login 5984 &your name, that way they know I sent you!

We build as a team and no one is left behind.

On Tuesday & Thursday Opportunity & Training calls you can speak to F5M Owner Rick Matthews

Please let me know when you are going into the room so that I can welcome you

Rebecca Beasley
F5M Marketing Group
Skype: primohost

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