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Networking With Friends

If you have friends who work with you on a daily basis, it makes your job much easier. That’s why social networking sites are so big these days. Everyone likes to make friends and have more people to share their thoughts with.

I’ve joined tons of social networks since Ryze, and Adland Pro. Now there’s so many more like Myspace and Facebook, Bebo, Stumble Upon, and many many more.

Now that video has come into play, there’s youtube, which is mainly just videos of all kinds that people share and post on their blogs and web pages. But Youtube doesn’t pay you to view the videos, and neither do most of the other networks.

I’ve found a few that do, My Lot, Apsense, and now the one that has video dating and video resumes, Friendswin promises to be one of the most lucrative of them all, and you can be at the very top of the chain if you get in now. It’s well worth checking into and setting up a profile. You’ll be amazed at how fast the money adds up.

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